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Technical details
Engine data
Manufacturer Perkins
Engine type 403D-15
Cylinder 3
Max. power (Hp) 33
Engine rotation speed (rpm) 2800
Capacity (cm³) 1496
Cooling Water
Electrical system
Operating voltage (V) 12
Operating weight (standard with bucket) (Kg) 2450
Tipping loads in bucket (Kg) (according to ISO 8313)
Lift frame horizontal / machine 1300
Lift frame horizontal / machine articulated 860
Tipping loads on pallet fork (Kg) (according to ISO 8313)
Lift frame horizontal / machine straight 950
Lift frame horizontal / machine articulated 700
Lift frame at the bottom / machine straight 1250
Lift frame at the bottom / machine articulated 850
Lift frame at the bottom / machine straight / counterweight 200 Kg 1500
Lift frame at the bottom / machine articulated / counterweight 200 Kg 1020
Vehicle data
Driving speed (km/h) 20
One or two speeds gear switching under load possible Yes
Capacity of fuel tank (L) 65
Capacity hydraulic oil tank (L) 40
Hydraulic driveline
Manufacturer Sauer-Danfoss
Hydrostatic four-wheel drive Yes
Output (l/min) 80
Working pressure (bar) 320
Hydraulic operation
Output (l/min) 45
Working pressure (bar) 200
Hydraulic steering
Output (l/min) 45
Working pressure (bar) 150
Standard equipment
Standard equipment
Tyres 10.0/75 - 15.3 AS
Single-hand control with floating position next to the seat Yes
Multi-function control stalk Yes
Front hydro connection DN12 Yes
4th control circuit, comfort; operated via button on joystick, DN 12 No
Hydraulic quick shift system for provided tools Yes
All-hydraulic articulated steering Yes
Hydraulic oil cooler Yes
Driver's position
Comfortable seat with safety belt Yes
Work lamps at the front Yes
Work lamps at the rear Yes
Lighting in acc. for road traffic No
Fuel gauge Yes
Engine-hour indicator Yes
Adjustable steering column Yes
Drum brake / Combination hydrostatic No
Multiple disk brake in oil bath/Combination hydrostatic Yes
Parking brake drum Yes
Planetary end reduction Yes
Differential lock 100 % No
Limited slip differential Yes
Hydrostatic four-wheel drive Yes
Pto gear and drive shaft Yes
Safety bar/canopy ROPS/FOPS certified Yes
Cabin with heating and ventilation, ROPS / FOPS-certified No
T.U.V. approved Yes
CE approved Yes
Seat with safety belt Yes
Reversing alarm Yes
Battery cut-off switch Yes
Towing hook Yes
(A) Length with standard bucket (mm) 4200
(B) Height above ROPS/FOPS safety roof (mm) 2300
(C) Total width with standard tyres (mm) 1050
(D) Wheel base (mm) 1550
(E) Ground clearance (mm) 230
(F) Seat height (mm) 1200
(G) Radius at the out site wheel (mm) 2541
(H) Maximum radius (mm) 3000
(I) Total working height (mm) 3630
(J) Maximum height bucket pivot point (mm) 2950
(K) Maximum dumping height (mm) 2200
(L) Dump range (mm) 630
(M) Digging depth (mm) 150
(N) Steering angle 45
(O) Back roll angle on the ground (º) 40
(P) Max. drive angle (º) 22
(Q) Max. dumping angle (º) 45
(T) Length without accessories (mm) 3500